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Vulnerable Seniors Report

Aging brings great challenges. Not only for seniors, but also for their families.

Without support, these valuable members of our community risk losing their independence, their dignity, and their health.

Supports can be simple – ranging from home-based care, to providing transportation and access to social groups. When a senior is vulnerable in more ways than one, the challenges are even greater. Those living on a low income, single seniors, senior women, seniors with disabilities, seniors as caregivers, Indigenous seniors, seniors in the LGBTQ+ community and newcomer seniors are much more likely to face significant challenges when it comes to social isolation or mental health.

Local services can be a lifeline: they allow seniors to stay healthy and active in their communities for longer. As well, as family members are often thrust into a new world of responsibility as they care for a loved one, caregiver supports become even more essential.

When it comes to our growing senior population, United Way Prescott-Russell wants to ensure we have the best tools possible to put resources where they are needed most and will have the greatest impact. We are proudly releasing A Profile of Vulnerable Seniors in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, Lanark County, and Renfrew County  – a report that analyzes the state of vulnerable seniors in our region and makes recommendations to address this emerging issue.